About Us

We're a Dallas-based startup, founded by two friends. We’ve known each other since middle school, became friends in high school, and developed the idea for this site while in college. After graduating, we formed Awesome Power Inc. We launched the website in December of 2016, and have since helped thousands of people find the cheapest electricity plan for their homes.

Zack Korman

Zack has a law degree from the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated at the top of his class, and a master’s in law and finance from Oxford. He’s been programming for over a year now, and is a true data analysis whiz. Zack enjoys hearing from people who have used our site, so feel free to send us an email. Zack will be the one who responds.

Michael Hays

Michael has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas, and is seriously good at programming. He manages almost everything about the way the site works, and any new feature is his doing. Michael is also exceptionally good at ultimate frisbee. He was the captain of UT’s ultimate team his senior year, and now plays professionally for Austin Sol.